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Sheerline Model Submarines is once again open for business for replacement items and spare parts. We are not building or taking any orders for boats. We hope to be back to full strength soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

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Trafalgar SSBN





The Trafalgar at 53 inches, includes all the hardware necessary to construct the model. this boat has been extensively modified and is now extremely easy to build using the simplest of tools. Even as a newcomer to boat modelling you should have no problems constructing this boat.


Careful design has enhanced the diving characteristics, making this one of the most stable of boats when submerged. Couple these attributes with the high reliability dive units , also found in our other boats and you will have years of enjoyable sailing ahead of you.

This boat underwent a complete re-fit in 2006 and has been upgraded in every aspect. This has resulted in excellent submerged stability and a vastly improved turning circle. As an added bonus, construction of the kit has been simplified enormously thus enabling the model to be built and operated by a complete novice.

The kit is complete and supplied with a detailed and illustrated construction and operating manual with many useful hints and tips to aid construction.

The Battery supplied with the kit is a 12 volt 4.5Ahr Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) type and is waterproofed ready to fit. This type of battery requires a special charger known as a ‘delta peak' type and is necessary for the charging requirements of this design of cell. These chargers are available from us and we recommend their use to maximize battery life and avoid damage which can result from abuse by incorrect charging equipment.

The picture below shows the Trafalgar with the dive unit removed. We have designed the boat for simplicity, minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. Note the battery pack lying along the centre of the lower hull. The lead ballast supplied with the kit is fitted either side of the battery. The dive unit at the bottom of the picture is held in place by the two pairs of Velcro straps and if required, can be removed from the boat in less than one minute.


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The latest version of the Trafalgar including NiMh battery pack

£780.00 + carriage (£45.00 UK - price to the rest of the world available on request)