Sheerline Model Submarines

Sheerline Model Submarines is once again open for business for replacement items and spare parts. We are not building or taking any orders for boats. We hope to be back to full strength soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

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   The Ohio at 67inches long, is an impressive model and has been re-introduced due to some very effective improvements. Even as a complete novice, you should find construction of this large model a relatively straightforward affair. Your efforts will be rewarded by a fully working static diving submarine with one of the best reliability factors in the submarine world. 

  The hull is moulded in glass fibre, formed in upper and lower halves and is exceedingly well detailed. 
The completed model is very simple to construct and only requires four channels to operate it.
Building this boat requires the use of the most basic tools found around your workshop since all the components are pre-made and only require fitting. The kit as supplied contains all the necessary components to complete the model and there a full instructions aided by many photographs to assist you.

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Like the others in our range, this boat uses our own sealed ballast tank system dive module which ensures reliability. The dive unit comes pre-assembled, it is only necessary to fit the radio and speed controller onto the ready made servo trays to make it operational. As with all these units the builder is required to make a small cam wheel from a servo disc to operate the water control valve.

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This boat has been re-designed and is a dramatic improvement on the early design kits. It is so easy to construct and does not require any sophisticated tools or equipment to complete it.
The static balance of this boat is absolutely superb due to redesign and the turning circle is excellent. The fitting of a self levelling device improves the handling further . These are optional but are highly recommended as they can ensure very stable and smooth operation when running submerged.

A very robust and easy to build boat… even for raw beginners!

£835-00 +carriage (45-00 UK )