Sheerline Model Submarines

Sheerline Model Submarines is once again open for business for replacement items and spare parts. We are not building or taking any orders for boats. We hope to be back to full strength soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Miscellaneous Items




Here you will find pictures of various bits and pieces that go to make up your model submarine. If, at any time in the future you require a replacement piece please either call or email us via the Contact Page with the details of your requirements.





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Impeller Ballast Pump





This pump is capable of delivering 20psi at 12Volts. It is supressed against electrical noise and is supplied with fitted supression capacitors and metalised Faraday screening. The pump is a direct replacement for all pumps fitted to the Sheerline range of submarines. It comes with a rubber insert which is fitted into the frontplate of the dive unit, the pump inlet spigot is then pushed into the rubber insert to form a perfect seal.






£3.50 p&p