Sheerline Model Submarines

Sheerline Model Submarines is once again open for business for replacement items and spare parts. We are not building or taking any orders for boats. We hope to be back to full strength soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

About Us



My name is Chris Cloke and I would like to introduce you my business...........

The development of these model submarines was originally carried out by Dennis Cater of Eden Models, back in 1994. Dennis was incredibly innovative and produced many designs, the dependability of the boats being due to the superb dive unit system which he also designed to operate them. He produced these models in huge numbers as they were in great demand due to their scale, robust construction and sheer simplicity.

In 1996, he was approached by a Luxembourg film company (Carousel Pictures) who wished to use the boats in the production of the film ‘Sub Down'. The boats were built and supplied and on completion Dennis was asked if he would go there to maintain and operate them during filming. As he was very busy producing kits and I was kicking my heels in Norfolk looking for something new, I volunteered to take his place. During the course of my time there, I got involved in many aspects of the film and the special effects which I found fascinating but the thing which made the most impact upon me was the utter reliability of Dennis's submarines. Given the rigors of film making these boats worked reliably and constantly throughout.


When Dennis decided in 1999 that he was going to quit building, he was unsure as to what to do with the business. I volunteered to take it on and bought the business from him. Since then, I have continued to build these submarines in much the same way with only a few alterations to ease production and simplify construction from the builders' point of view. In addition, these modifications have also been aimed at improving the underwater stability which is now second to none.


Dennis once stated that submarine building is not so much a business; it becomes more a way life. How true those words are as I have made countless acquaintances and friends throughout the world. Because of the nature of the work and enjoyable interaction between myself and my numerous clients, I will continue to maintain my standards throughout and serve my past and future clients to the best of my ability …long may it continue.