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Welcome to Sheerline Model Submarines, here you will find the very model submarine kit you have dreamed of owning and building culminating in the sailing of the boat on a perfect summers day on a crystal clear pond (that last bit we can't guarantee, sorry).

Presently, we offer 3 types of static dive boats. These are:

Trafalgar - 53 inch

Akula - 44 inch

WW2 Type 2D - 66 inch

These submarines are classified as 'static dive' models which, like their full size counterparts, are able to submerge whilst

on the move or at a standstill.

The Kits

All of our boat kits are built to order and are individually crafted. The hulls are made in two separate parts which form upper and lower halves. Built from glass fibre, they are extremely tough and resilient whilst the gel coated surface contains a superb highly detailed pre-moulded finish. The hull is free flooding with a detachable dive unit secured to the inside of the lower hull half. This unit is completely self contained and houses the motor(s), speed controller, radio, pump and ballast tank.

Power for the Akula is provided by a single lead acid battery mounted in front of the dive unit however, the Trafalgar and Type2D are powered by a Nickel Metal Hydride battery contained in the bottom of the hulls. The boats are operated by a conventional 6 channel radio system and only require 5 channels to control them.

These models are sold as complete kits. The term “complete kit” means virtually all components to complete the boats are included. Radio and speed controllers must be purchased as separate items.

We do not supply radio equipment but can supply speed controllers which have proven highly suitable for use in these boats.

You will also have to purchase a tin of resin/glass mix, of the type used to repair car bodywork. This is used to bond a few items in place, so armed with this and with a few simple hand tools, you can commence construction as soon as the lid is removed from the box…. we send all our boats out in wooden boxes.


The Type2D coastal submarine requires more input on the part of the constructor than the others in the range. There are many slots to cut out on the sides and the deck, the outlines of which are moulded onto the surface of the hull. All of these boats are straightforward to construct and require no special tools or modelling skills, so even as a raw beginner you should be able to put one together easily.


In operation, these boats are simplicity themselves to control. The dive function is merely one lever or switch on the transmitter which controls a valve and pump. Push the lever in one direction and the tank floods sending your boat down, push it in the opposite direction and your boat will surface. Between these two extremes, the lever closes the valve, thereby retaining the ballast water and making it possible to keep your boat submerged.


Radio installation is straightforward and basically consists of a receiver, four servos and a speed controller. Normally, you will need four standard size servos, one of which should be ball-raced. Three channels are used for the rudder, rear dive planes and fore planes. The rudder and rear planes are controlled by normal stick functions, whilst the fore planes can be arranged to work from a knob or sliding control on the transmitter. A fourth channel is used for the speed controller whilst the fifth channel (ball-raced servo), controls the ballast tank valve and pump requirements. The ball-raced ballast tank servo should best be controlled by a three position switch or by a control which will allow three distinct positions to be selected. On most six channel TXs, it is possible to use one of the unused horizontal stick functions for this purpose. You may already have a suitable radio set but, if not, you will have to seek advice from a model shop/supplier. The most commonly used radio is made by Futaba although other makes are suitable too. When purchasing this equipment it should be stated that the receiver ni-cad pack and switch harness are not required. The only other consideration is that a pair of servo extension leads around 18 inches long be purchased in addition.


The unique design of our dive unit is responsible for the success of this range of boats. These dive units all share the same range of tried and tested components and exhibit an extremely high reliability factor. The Type2D units differ in that they incorporate twin motor/gearbox drives and a newly designed stainless steel ballast tank. After fifteen years of production we have every confidence in the performance of our units, as do all our existing customers.

Prices at a glance:

Akula 44" - Complete kit* with pre-assembled dive unit - £595.00

Trafalgar 53" - Complete kit with pre-assembled dive unit, running gear and scopes. Detailed drawings of full sized vessel on kit size sheets are included with this kit - £780.00

Type2D Coastal Submarine 66" - Complete kit with all fittings (less handrailings and wires) supplied. NiMH waterproofed battery included with kit - £1050.00

The correct charger for this battery (NiMH) can be supplied for an additional - £50.00

* The term 'complete kit' does not include periscopes. Only Trafalgar and Type2D are supplied with periscopes as part of the kit.

We don't currently support an online ordering service quite simply because we like to deal with our customers on a personal level. Usually the customer will have questions regarding the building of the kit or maintenance of the finished boat and we therefore prefer to deal via telephone or email. You will find all the information you require through the "contact us" tab above.


We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards and also debit cards. We are happy to accept a bank transfer however, any Bank charges incurred will be the full responsibility of the buyer. We DO NOT accept cheques in any other currency other than pound sterling.